Lighten Your Space

Energy Balancing in Asheville


My name is Jen, and I created Lighten Your Space, LLC as a service for anyone looking to brighten their personal light and improve the feel of their own space.  Personal energy balancing can provide you with a calm, peaceful feeling and refresh your "personal space" (a.k.a. you!).  If you're moving into a new place, or wanting to feel more comfortable in the old, energy balancing can help your home or business feel lighter and more positive.  As a Reiki Master practitioner, I have worked with people, animals, and places to bring harmony, relieve stress, and promote healing.

For home and business clearings, I use Reiki energy along with the ancient practice of "smudging" (burning herbs and/or incense).  For personal sessions, I use pure Reiki energy and essential oils.  For animals, I use pure Reiki energy only. My goal in any session is to clear the air, balance or "reset" the energy, and invite light and positivity into your space!  

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